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BeautyLove Bloom Hair Cutting Cape. Black on black flower print fabric.  Stain, Bleach, water resistant fabric, large over sized hair cutting cape. Hair stylist cutting black cape. BeautyLove Big Flirt Chemical cape, water proof large snap neck cape.  Chemical cape for the salon client.  Sliver grey shimmer water proof cape. BeautyLove Catwalk Hair Cutting cape, stain, bleach, water resistant.  Silky polyester nylon large 
cheetah print cape, snap neck.
BeautyLove Chemical Reaction chemical water proof cape, chemical hair stylist cape, extra large,
snap neck chemical cape for the salon HEARTBREAKER   NEW -  HAIRCUTTING CAPE BeautyLove Lover Boy Hair Cutting Cape, Black crinkle polyester stain, bleach and water resistant 
fabric. Hair stylist cutting cape, snap neck, large size black hair cutting cape for salon.
BeautyLove Love Bites haircutting cape stain resistant, snap neck, large haircutting black leopard cape BeautyLove chemical cape, bottom section hair cutting material, top section is water proof material,
black water proof chemical cape, large chemical cape, extra long back for  chemical service Beautylove white hair cutting cape, large snap neck.
The Looker- Haircutting Silicone Cape NEW Hero Cape- Silicone Neck Waterproof    SALE NEW !!Adventurer Hands-Through Silicone Neck Snap